Triathlon Sprint

Challenge Triathlon Sprint Distance

Saturday May 8th 2021

In addition to Challenge Riccione 2021 there will also be 3rd Triathlon Sprint Città di Riccione [750mt swim – 20km bike – 5km run] that will be held on the traditional courses of the historic events badged TDSGRimini. The 3rd Triathlon Sprint Città di Riccione is a draft legal race.

The daily pass is not allowed.
If you are already enrolled and if you bought the daily pass, please write to 

According to the racing protocol in force, this event will be NO DRAFT RACE 

Enter the race!

Triathlon Sprint Distance Courses


A rectangle to swim clockwise.


The bike course will be developed on the promenade between Riccione and Misano Adriatico, on a multilap of 10km (Two laps overall). The race will be no draft-legal. Only road bike are allowed (no TT Bikes).


The final run will be totally flat (Two Laps overall).



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