Enter Challenge Riccione 2021

Individual Race

The competition is restricted to affiliated athletes to a National Triathlon Federation. 

ATTENTION : The daily pass is not allowed
If you are already enrolled and if you bought the daily pass, please write to romina@challenge-riccione.it 

  • Age Group (minimum age 20 years old)
    288,00€ until 20/04/2021
  • Pro
    288,00€ until al 20/04/2021
Enter Challenge Riccione 2021!

Team Relay & Swim bike

The  registration to Team Relay and Swim bike are suspended.
If you are already enrolled please write to romina@challenge-riccione.it

Cancellation policy

For those who have signed the insurance for the race, they can withdraw by sending an email to info@challenge-riccione.it until 20 April 2021.

Challenge 2020 to Challenge 2021 registration transfer

Athletes who have been granted to transfer their registration from Challenge 2019 to 2020 event (before the event’s cancellation), have to send an email to info@challenge-riccione.it in order to obtain a code for registration to Challenge 2021. The registration must be completed until February 28th 2021. After this date the transfer and the relative coupon will no longer be valid.

  List of athletes transferred from 2020 to 2021


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