Courses of Challenge Riccione


The 2019 edition of the event foresees a single lap of 1900m in L-form. Athletes must keep the first 3 buoys to the left and the last one, at the exit, to the right. The route will take athletes 300m away from the shore to then continue parallel to the beach for about 750m until the second buoy. Then it will go 100m towards the coast to then continue again for 550m parallel to the beach. At the last buoy athletes will swim straight to the Bagno 49 of Terme Riccione where they will exit the water.


The 90km bike course follows the seaside of Riccione, both for its start and reentry, completing a stretch of 10km that will lead athletes to the start of the Circuit. Athletes must complete the circuit twice before returning to T2. The Circuit will be one lap of 35 km and mostly follow the course of the Time Trial Stage of the Giro d’Italia 2019 which goes from Riccione to San Marino.

From Riccione athletes will head towards Rimini through San Salvatore to then enter the Municipality of Coriano passing through Ospedaletto. At that point athletes will follow the valley of the Marano river which will lead them to the ancient Land of Liberty. Here is the entrance to San Marino with a climb to the historic center of the Castle of Faetano.

This will be the halfway point and athletes will then go back to the Valley of Marano towards the short steep hills of Pedrolara with its 200m at 13% gradient and Coriano with its 500m at 15%. From there athletes will reenter Rimini to start the second lap. At the end of the second lap athletes will head back along the coastline of Riccione near the Terme di Riccione. A very beautiful and technical bike course with a total elevation gain of 830m. The course is faster than the one of the previous editions but has maintained similar characteristics with parts suited for time trial and parts that are muscular and break the rhythm.

Relive ‘Challenge Riccione 2019 BIKE’


3 laps of 7km. The first stretch along the seaside will lead athletes beyond the shipping canal to then have them enter Via Dane and Viale Ceccarini in the chic pedestrian zone of Riccione. From there athletes will head toward Riccione Terme. At the end of the third lap, athletes will arrive in front of the swimming pool of Riccione Terme where, as in the previous year, there will be an area for athletes, friends and family to relax.


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