Communication to athletes

Challenge Riccione and health emergency

Communication to athletes

Dear athlete,

We’re very sorry that we have to tell you that we can’t organize this years’ edition of CHALLENGERICCIONE. Due to the coronavirus and all the measures that are in place worldwide at this moment, but also the fact that we can’t predict these developments, organizing our race unfortunately became impossible. Our next event date will now be the weekend of May 8th/9th, 2021.  This decision was a very tough one to make, even more because we know how much this affects you as our beloved athletes.  That’s also the reason why this decision has been made after extensive consultation with all parties involved.

Unfortunately, with just one month left until the scheduled race date, we have already made a large part of the necessary investments and this prevents us from being able to fully refund the registration fees to everyone.  Nevertheless we want to do our best to ensure that also every other athlete will have the least economic damage possible due to this cancellation.
For this reason, we guarantee everyone the opportunity to proceed in one of the following ways:

1) Move your registration to the 2021 edition of CHALLENGERICCIONE. In case the athlete does not communicate his/her preference, the registration will be automatically transferred to next year.

2) Transfer your registration for free to one of the following CHALLENGEFAMILY races in 2020:

a) CHALLENGELISBOA – 12 September
b) CHALLENGEBLED – 20 September
c) CHALLENGESALOU – 27 September

3) Ask for a (partial) refund of your registration fee.
The only fully refundable fees will be those of athletes who opted for an insurance at registration (minus the cost for the insurance option).
For athletes without this insurance option, the refund will be the full amount minus 75€ processing fee.

ATTENTION: For solutions number 2 and 3 you only have until April 30th to write us at

With regard to bookings that have been made through Promohotels, partner of CHALLENGERICCIONE, you are kindly asked to directly write to

For now we want to wish you a lot of strength, health and love from our team. These times are really turbulent and things that never could have been foreseen are happening right now. Stay strong and we hope to see you at our next year’s event, in the certainty that sharing that moment will be even more exciting and important for each of us!

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