The movie of your race

Download the movie of your race on MySportFilm

The movie of your race on MySportFilm

It is first time in Europe when MySportFilm studio make movie for each athlete of the race as for leaders. Operator follow you during the race and final video was hand-made directed. Now you can download high quality personal movie in the same simple way as race photo product.
Link to make order:

Film price – 25 EUR

In addition to your movie you can order:
-Short version for Instagram (1 minute) – 5 EUR See link as an example
-Original video – 5 EUR See link as an example

How to order:
Follow the link
Enter your bib or surname and choose participant from the list
Fill out the order form and proceed to the payment
Wait for link to download your film.
Download film and share at social nets and with your friends all over the world!

Please consider below when you make order:
All movies go through manual control and normally order is ready within 2 hours but sometimes it could take up to 2 days – depend on times of the day and how many orders placed.
Email with our link could be placed in spam then please check it out.
If you have any questions, please contact
Due to heavy rain during the race, few movies duration are less then others. System will automatically recognise such video and make discount to 20 EUR or 15 EUR accordingly. Participant will see it right after finding his name in the list.

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