The perfect weekend at the end of March!

Try the bike course of Challenge Riccione 2019

The perfect weekend at the end of March!

From 29 to 31 March, you can try the bike course** of Challenge Riccione 2019 and run the Ten Miles of Rimini Marathon together with Giulio Molinari.

Spring is here! The perfect opportunity to plan a weekend in Riccione to try the race’s new bike course and run the Ten Miles of Rimini Marathon.

On 30 and 31 March, GiulioMolinari, our super testimonial for Challenge Riccione 2019, will participate in two great events. Two days centered around our passion for triathlon.

A wonderful occasion and an interesting program!

On Saturday, 30 March, we will meet at 8:30am in Riccione in Piazzale Marinai d’Italia to start cycling at 9:00am to try the new bike course of Challenge Riccione. Giulio Molinari will guide you and show you what has changed with respect to the bike course of the previous editions, including passing through San Marino and a climb toward the old city center and Castello di Faetano. Another reason to try the bike course before the race and avoid any surprises.

Giulio MolinariOn Sunday, 31 March, you can test yourself with the Ten Miles of Rimini Marathon and its 16km. The run, as one of the events surrounding Rimini Marathon 2019, starts at 9:30am in Rimini from Arco d’Augusto. Athletes who want to try out the run course of Challenge Riccione can register for 21 Euro instead of the full price of 26 Euro.

Giulio Molinari: ‘I am excited to take part in the second edition of Challenge Riccione and of course hope to replicate my success of last year. It will be another unique international event. I am happy to be here again and to renew my partnership with this organization, with which I have built a relationship of mutual trust and respect. I look forward welcoming you on 30 March to try the race course and on 31 March to test our legs during the 16km of the Ten Miles of Rimini Marathon.’ 

Make use of the package “Hotel* + Bike Course Challenge Riccione 2019** + Ten Miles of Rimini Marathon” for only € 79 per person.

*2 nights and breakfast included in a 3-star hotel in Riccione from Friday, 29 March, to Sunday, 31 March. Late check out included.
**collective training organized by the TDRimini.


Book just your stay with a 3-start hotel in Riccione starting from € 25 per person, breakfast included.

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The bike course of Challenge Riccione 2019

Athletes start the 90km by cycling along the seaside for 10km, both when heading out as when turning back, before starting the loop. The loop must be cycled twice before heading back to T2. It consists of 35km that include a good part of the Time Trial course of the Giro d’Italia that goes from Riccione to San Marino.

From Riccione athletes will head to Rimini, passing through San Salvatore, before entering the Municipality of Coriano, passing through Ospedaletto. At this point, athletes will follow the Valley of the Marano river that will take athletes to the “antica Terra della Libertà” (the ancient land of liberty). Here, athletes will enter San Marino and climb to the old city center of Castello di Faetano.

This is where the turn around point will be and athletes will head back through the Valley of Marano to the steep short climbs of Pedrolara with 200m of climbing at a gradient of 13% and Coriano with 500m at 15%. From here, athletes will head toward Rimini to start the second loop at the end of which they will cycle back along the seaside near to Terme di Riccione.

A beautiful and technical bike course that is faster than that of the past years but has the same characteristics with parts suited for time trial bikes and parts uphill that will break the rhythm

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