EthicSport® and Challenge Riccione

For 2018 Challenge Riccione has chosen EthicSport®

EthicSport® provides Challenge Riccione with energy.


For 2018 Challenge Riccione has chosen EthicSport® to provide energy during its prestigious event, fuel the performance of athletes and guarantee that everyone has the right fuel before, during and after the race.EthicSport® promotes a rigorous and scientific approach to sport and continuously researches new products that can meet the real needs of athletes while fully respecting their physiology.

Words from the company: “Our commitment to you”

EthicSport® is an Italian brand with headquarters in Riccione and a leading company in sports nutrition. EthicSport® is based on research and development. It aims to satisfy the nutritional needs of all athletes and encourage more awareness of the nutritional problems in sport. The professional nutritional sports products of EthicSport® have been developed to optimize the performance in all phases of sport with a particular focus on endurance sport. That is why we support a race like Challenge Riccione, a prestigious international event organized right in our hometown. Here are some of our best products which you will find at the fuel stations and in your race pack, along with much more of the EthicSport®’s excellence‘.

Energy Bar
Product developed for those who practice sport. Rapidly provides a lot of energy for a long time. Great taste, easy to chew and digest. It does not contain preservatives and food coloring.

Sport Fruit is an innovative and natural nutritional sports product made from fruit. It is made of solidified and energized fruit, easy to chew and ready for use. TASTE: lemon-cherry.

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